Daanav Softwares

We provide Support for all our Software Utilities listed at our Home Page. We also offer Customized Software Development Services at a fee. In order to contact us, please do write us an email at support@daanav.com and we will reply to your email as soon as possible.

In case you find any bug / issue with any of our Software Utility, we will fix it for free. In case you would like to have an extra feature added to any of our existing software applications, please do note that there may be a fees associated with the change. Yes Software Development is complex process and lots of efforts are required to maintain our software website and on the top of that website promotion also requires lots of efforts to be put in.

Custom Software Development Services

Yes we do provide Custom Software development Services. Our Custom Software Development Services provide you all software related services. We provide software programmers on hire to work on your projects or you can get a fixed quote from us in order to develop a customised software application.

Visit Daanav Softwares Home Page to Download Software Utilities for Windows, Linux, Android and Macintosh.